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Norman Takeuchi

Ottawa artist Norman Takeuchi remembers his Japanese Canadian family's exile during World War II through the eyes of a young boy on an adventure.  "We, along with other Japanese Canadians in B.C. were forced to evacuate our homes on the coast and move inland," Takeuchi recalls. "My parents had to leave almost everything behind, including dad's new truck, which I think broke his heart." 

While he and his two young brothers had a good time, "running around the countryside, it was our parents who suffered, trying to make ends meet. They would have dealt with it with shikata ga nai , a resolution and determination to make the best of it." 

Artist's Statement

The duality of being Japanese Canadian is at the heart of my recent work. As a member of a community that experienced the upheaval of the internment years, my art work embraces conflicting views: the earlier difficulties of acknowledging my Japanese heritage and the later acceptance of it. Unsettling and uncomfortable abstract forms which allude to the early exclusion years jostle with images from old Japan. While the paintings represent an uneasy search for harmony and balance between the two worlds, they are ultimately a celebration of my dual heritage.

"His powerful colours, flowing lines and thoughtfully rendered drawing reflects this cross cultural tug running through his veins," says curator Don Monet. "The results are strong yet sensitive, delicately attuned and powerfully emotive."

Price Range: $500 - $5,000