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MaryAnn Camps

After working for more than twenty years as a freelance graphic designer in Toronto, Kingston and Ottawa, MaryAnn Camps returned to painting full time in 2005. She is interested in urbanism: how cities work and how they feel. She works with a palette knife to build up multiple layers of acrylic, emphasizing the energy and vibration of human activity. Her influences include Gerhard Richter, Pierre Soulages, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Paul Emile Borduas, Otto Donald Rogers, Edward Burtynsky, Tom Climent and musicians Medeski, Martin and Wood; Brian Eno, Philip Glass and Nils Frahm. Camps’ work is held in private collections in Canada, U.S., Europe and South America. 

Artist statement

In ‘Cities at Night,’ my focus is aerial views of the dazzling forms of cities at night. I invite the viewer to consider the tremendous amount of light we emit and the implications of light pollution. At the same time, I explore the beautiful, varied organic structure of the world’s biggest cities and, by extension, how we organize ourselves as urban beings. The paintings invite comparisons to other organic structures, both vast, such as star systems, and small, such as microscopic organisms. The paintings celebrate the world’s cities and reveal their paradoxical beauty while asking how we can make them more vibrant, sustainable, smartly lit – and ultimately better places to live.

'Street Light' continues my exploration of the city at night, zooming in from outer space in the 'Cities at Night' series to street level. The city is a complex organism, with the streets its veins and arteries. Street level is where we interact with the city, how we move through it, where we take its pulse. At night, street level is defined by artificial light: warm and inviting or harsh, glaring, too bright. How should we light our cities so that it feels good to be there?

In the 'Fire Escape' series, I began an investigation our sense of space as defined by structures in urban environments.

Price Range: $500 - $4,000