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Ken Ryan

Ken Ryan was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec.  After attending the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, he embraced commercial art for many years as an illustrator.  He also designed a number of coins for the Royal Canadian Mint, including the nationally acclaimed series, “Canadian Heroes.”  

Ken delved into fine art when he moved to farm country north of Toronto. Later, he moved to the Ottawa Valley where he was strongly influenced by the rural landscape and rural pastimes such as raising purebred sheep while he and his wife, Alexa, also raised two sons. He is a quiet artist, preferring the simple life of farming and painting which he says connects him to the earth and to times gone by. He and Alexa still live on a small farm where he works daily in his beloved studio between Carleton Place and Perth. He now shows his work exclusively at Cube Gallery and Toronto’s Westmount Gallery.

Ken is also a gifted musician, playing with Scottish pipe bands from a young age and becoming one of the best snare drummers in Canada. He was also the lead drummer in the Ottawa Police Pipe Band, always believing, “if you do something you need to be the best.”

He strives to look at life through the innocence of a child's eyes which, to him, is life in its purest form.

Painting is a very personal process. It is something deep inside you that drives you along and sometimes it can torture you,” he says. “I appreciate and love classical realism but you can have it so polished that it leans towards a photo and not a painting. There is a fine line. You want the edges of your painting to breathe and have life, sometimes soft other times harder.”

Price Range: $1,000 - $5,000