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Gerald Trottier

Tuesday March 1st, 2016 to
Sunday March 27th, 2016


Tue Mar 1st, 2016 — 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Renowned Canadian artist Gerald Trottier was always seeking the inner meaning, the essence of his subjects—even when he was staring in a mirror, trying to evoke his own self-portrait. What was behind that face, that person, symbol or scene? It was never what the surface revealed, but some deeper, hidden truth or emotion. Trottier’s skill was to take his life-long spiritual and intellectual quest for knowledge and wrest it onto canvas or paper, into sculpture or murals in gripping detail.

Gerald Trottier’s diverse creative interests and influences result in a rare, accomplished hybrid of painter, drawer, muralist, sculptor and liturgical artist whose oeuvre ranges widely: watercolours, oil painting, acrylic, pen and ink, crayon, charcoal, pastel, lithograph, mosaic, stained glass, sculpture and the design of six Canadian postage stamps. Trottier’s work is noteworthy for his powerful, unflinching self-portraits, spectacular compositions, lush landscapes and superb draughtsmanship reflecting his studies of the Flemish, Surrealist and Expressionist schools.

For all his diverse works, subjects and studies, Gerald Trottier will perhaps be best remembered for his love, his kindly though unwavering gaze of us -- —we silly, flawed, vulnerable and damaged fellow human beings. Trottier saw himself in all of humankind and spent his creative and spiritual life seeking to understand our—and his—foibles, passions and peccadilloes. It is no coincidence that he took great inspiration from a poem by his friend George Johnston:

“God’s good kind Earth, God’s many-bosomed Earth,

God’s suffering ugly cunning beautiful

Wounded creature of Earth”

His work has been shown in numerous international exhibitions, competitions, solo and group shows. It is also held in many public and private collections including the National Gallery of Canada, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Carleton University, and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Cube Gallery is grateful to the Trottier family for the privilege of presenting these rare and unique works by a man who saw himself as one of us—a wounded creature. Yet he had the generosity of spirit and the courage to share his frailties and his superb talents. We can continue to take great inspiration from his oeuvre, his intellectual quests, and his creative journey.