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Tuesday August 13th, 2013 to
Sunday September 15th, 2013


Thu Aug 15th, 2013 — 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Chalet or shack; campsite or condo; lean-to or trailer – the word cottage has as many different meanings as there are cottagers. Is it literally just a spot for a cot between fishing, hiking and exploring the great Canadian outdoors? Or is a cottage a more sumptuous retreat where you rest and rejuvenate? As the golden days of summer draw to a close find out how this exhibition interprets and reflects the cottage experience. 

A group show dedicated to the cottage - summer, swimming and good times.  Whether you own, visit, or even hate the idea.  Is it a retreat to nature or an intense social whirl ? What does a cottage mean to you? 

Featuring the artists;
Tara Tosh Kennedy
Denis Larouche
Juliana McDonald
Kathy Haycock
D.H. Monet
Hasi Eldib
Patti Normand
Peter Monet

Tony Clark