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Nocturne V

Tuesday July 2nd, 2013 to
Sunday July 14th, 2013


Thu Jul 4th, 2013 — 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

"Nocturne V" is a free, community-based, family-friendly art show and festival. Cube Gallery has sponsored and hosted this annual event dedicated to the night sky since 2008.  With help from other community supporters, Leapfrog Lighting, the Canada Science and Technology Museum and our community partners.

During this festival Cube Gallery will feature “Nocturne” a Group Art Exhibit from July 2 to the 14th

Featuring artists; Sanjeev Sivarulrasa, Marcia Lea, marc andre brzustowski, Ruth Dick, Margaret Nazon, Katrin Smith, Denis Larouche, Alisdair MacRae, D. H. Monet and Patti Normand.

NOCTURNE V the Festival

Our unique Wellington Village Festival is dedicated to the beauty and majesty of the night sky. A testament to those artists, sculptors, scientists and astronomers who still turn their gaze to the stars. Too often, we cheat the night of darkness by creating light pollution that dims the stars above. This festival sets out to counter that in a creative and fun way.  On Friday July 5th, after the sun sets, a  "streetwide star party" will be held on Julian Ave. featuring telescopes, videos and star viewing courtesy members of RASC.  This evening star party will be held on the first private street in Canada to vote unanimously to turn off their own house and streetlights for this night sky event!

For many people this is their first glimpse of the beautiful ice rings around our sister planet – Saturn – or at the mysterious star-forming nebula below Orion’s Belt. It is truly awe-inspiring what can be seen from the middle of the city. 


Nocturne V Programme 

FREE EVENTS for the whole family!

Thursday, July 4th  - 6 pm - 9 pm
Vernissage for the Nocturne art show at Cube Gallery  - Until July 14

Friday, July 5th  - 8 pm
Lecture at Cube with Professor Peter Watson, “Comet ISON and the Death of Dinosaurs”  - In a few months time a new comet will be visible in our sky the Comet ISON – The big question is, just how bright will it be? It has the potential to be a once in a lifetime show - or just fizzle. Peter also answers the question, what exactly do comets have to do with dinosaurs? 
9:30 pm
The BIG Sidewalk star party on Julian Ave.!  The first private street in Canada to vote unanimously to turn off their streetlights for an incredible dark sky experience - right in the heart of the city. Ottawa’s Royal Astronomical Society and others bring out the big telescopes! Through the evening there will be entertainment, including live music at 7pm with Ben&Mackenzie Di Millo "On Monday I Retire", and later a DJ mix from the roof of the Cube: Soundscapes by Ron Lavoie.

Sunday, July 7th - 2 pm
Family Day,  join us for an afternoon Family Astronomy Workshop with the Canada Science and Technology Museum. Bring the kids to this discovery activity, explore the world of astronomy and create your own constellation art to hang on your wall at home.  Call Cube to reserve your spot! 613 728 1750

Thursday, July 11th - 8 pm
Lecture on  “The Sky Unseen” with professor David Sinclair at Cube.  A look at nearly invisible matter such as Neutrinos (which are everywhere in huge numbers), Dark Matter (which outweighs regular matter by 6:1) and Dark Energy (which holds 70% of the energy of the universe). 
9:30 pm - Sidewalk star party  in front of Cube.

Sunday , July 14th - 2pm
Artist’s talk  “Art and Science, how do they intersect?” with astro-photographer Sanjeev Sivarulrasa


LOCAL EVENTS in concert with Nocturne V festival

Alpha Soul Cafe - 1015 Wellington     613 761-8000
During the Festival July 2 - 14 Alpha Soul is going dark!  Strictly candlelight in the restaurant during the whole 2 weeks.  Also a special treat: Live music every evening of the festival. In the backyard patio they will have available a Celestron telescope for your viewing pleasure.

The Merry Dairy - All around Town!    613 858-7560
Celebrating the night sky on the street at the festival on Friday July 5th -- With the new: "Spiral Galaxy Cone", chocolate frozen custard with white chocolate sauce drizzled on top; the "nebula cone", dark chocolate with clusters of rainbow sprinkles; and the "Solar Flare", a vanilla cone with caramel burst.

Petit Bill’s Bistro - 1293 Wellington     613 729-2500
Drop by our sidewalk patio and enjoy our new cocktail celebrating astronomical science: “The Particle Accelerator”! 

4 Cats Arts Studio  - 1107 Wellington    613 695-1655
Dots, Dashes and Swirls in the night sky! Van Gogh inspires artists to create their own Starry Night masterpiece at 4Cats Arts Studio. Creations will be displayed for the duration of Nocturne V at:
Cyclelogik  - 1111A Wellington    613 722-2345

Gallery 3 - 1281b Wellington     613 728-1281
The gallery will showcase one of celebrated artist Kenneth Emig’s light boxes in the window on the evening of July 5th.

World of Maps - 1235 Wellington    613 724-6776
World of Maps has maps, books and much more dealing with the Night Sky. Visit our store to see a globe of the moon or a mobile of our Solar System. Purchase a telescope or pair of binoculars to gaze up, we also have star discs, posters, books and atlases dealing with our planet Earth's location in this Solar System all well as images of our Galaxy and even... the entire Universe!

Adi Shesha -1338 ½ Wellington   613 798-9642
July 10 at 9:30pm 

Yoga by night!  Feast for the senses, perhaps new senses. Explore and relish movement in the dark , with only small specks of glitters .... As you move through space listen to sounds leading you through the waves... Surfing the new medium of sound, breath, new space - smile and enjoy the ride.

Won Ton House - 1300 Wellington     613 728-8885
Enjoy a dish inspired by the planet Neptune - “Neptune Delight”!  Chinese tradition associates planets with the basic forces of nature.

Victoire - B-1282 Wellington     613 321-1590
A window display for the Nocturne Festival. Featuring a geometric diagram inspired by the natural elegance of the constellations.

Slaysh - 1282 Wellington    613 667-5830
Slaysh will have a great night sky window display for the Festival.  Open late for all the stargazers on Friday, July 5th.

Flock - 1275 Wellington    613 695-0834
A window display in honour of the beauty of the night sky.  Clear skies and steady seeing everyone!

Bridgehead - 1277 Wellington  613 725-5500
Emily (resident artist) will create a window painting for the Festival. Also serving free coffee to all the telescope enthusiasts!