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Ottawa Alleyways

Tuesday March 29th, 2011 to
Sunday May 1st, 2011


Thu Apr 7th, 2011 — 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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They can be quaint or grotty, neat as pin or sketchy and scary. These are Ottawa's back alleys - those surprising service lanes and discretely annexed arteries that harkens back to an era when kids, delivery boys and repair men were politely but firmly instructed to use the rear entrance, please. A place for a quiet puff, a purview of the back yards and back doors of the nation's capital. See how eight Ottawa artists explore and depict the back alleys of our city. Hard on the heels of last year's hugely successful show, "Champlain Lookout," the same group of painters spent the past 52 weeks walking, haunting and exploring Ottawa's alleyways. Their unique portrayals of the urban landscape are every bit as skillful, sensitive and intriguing. Come to Cube Gallery and take a closer look at Ottawa's Alleys, from March 29 to May 1.
Featuring the work of:

Jay Anderson, John Jarrett,
Strachan Johnston, Olaf Krassnitzky, Pina Manoni-Rennick, Karole Marois, Paul Schibli, Karl Schutt