Cube Gallery


Tuesday April 19th, 2011
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Watch this debate live on Ustream: Click Here

Art Matters
Plan to attend this public forum at the Cube Gallery discussing and debating the role of art in our lives, our cities, our country.

Do the candidates in the upcoming federal election have a vision for the role of art in Canada? Do they understand how art enhances our communities, educates our minds and broadens our vistas?

...Come and join this lively debate with candidates from all of the politicial parties as they discuss where they stand on the arts.

Does art matter? Should we remove taxes on original art? Should Canadian theatre, music, and other cultural events be taxed? What would our lives, our communities, our workspaces be without art?

This will be an important opportunity for anyone involved in the arts community including, artists, audiences, academics, the people who work and play in our public spaces. Don't miss this opportunity to be heard.

Confirmed participants include:
Paul Dewar (NDP, Ottawa Centre)
Jen Hunter (Green, Ottawa Centre)
Scott Bradley (Liberal, Ottawa Centre)
Stuart Ryan (Communist, Ottawa Centre)
John Akpata (Marijuana Party, Ottawa Centre)

Damian Konstantinakos (Conservative, Ottawa Centre)  

Format for the afternoon:
6:30 pm sharp:   Opening comments by each candidate: 3 min MAX! You will be cut off!
6:50  1 on 1 (each candidate choose ONE other candidate and asks ONE question. 1min answer 1 min rebuttal)
7:20 questions from floor directed to one or 2 candidates
7:50 elevator pitch from each candidate- 30 secs! MAX! to pitch the arts and their party to a voter on the fly!
8:00 formal event closes and a mingle.

This forum will be free of charge. Open to the public and wheelchair accessible.

“The fact is, investing adequately in culture gives us a competitive edge. The high quality of life, for which Canada is known, depends on a rich, vibrant and diverse arts and heritage community. More than 90 per cent of Canadians believe that arts and culture contribute to quality of life, the education of children and that they define our national identity. A thriving arts and culture sector, supported by adequate investment by the federal government, will place Canada at the forefront of a global society that values innovation, excellence, social cohesion and economic prosperity.” Jim Fleck, chair of Business for the Arts,

Facts * the visual arts are a billion dollar business in Canada and directly touch the lives of over 7.5 million Canadians * 25% of Canadians visit an art gallery each year * 10% of households purchase a work of art each year, spending half a billion dollars The Canada Council for the Arts, March, 2003

In 2007 arts and culture contributions added up to 7.4 per cent of Canada's gross domestic product. One of the biggest figures in the world. A small investment and one of our biggest successes. The Conference Board of Canada